About KMG


Kanner Media Group was started in 2012 with the mission statement “Getting People Where They’re Going.” We Connect Consumers with Products/Services and People with the People they need to Reach.


We are people who are proud of what we do and happy to help the world move a little bit faster by getting people to what they’re looking for in a shorter amount of time.


Our team has experience with a wide array of technologies, however we primarily specialize in web application development utilizing NodeJS. Our experts have decades of experience building full stack applications – solving problems for a myriad of businesses across many different industries.

Full Stack Apps

KMG builds full stack applications - we architect and develop all aspects of the application in house from the top to the bottom ( backend, database, frontend, and design ).


We are experts at integrating many different services into your application - from payment gateways to CRMs, we have integrated hundreds of services for customers.

User Friendly (UI/UX)

We know the importance of providing the best user experience to your end users. Efficiency in the application promotes better adoption and use of the software. Better UI/UX means more conversion and higher return rates.


Web applications shouldn't just be useful for users on big screens. Building web applications to be responsive/adaptable to mobile devices allows your users access on the go.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

For software facing the public (users who aren't logged in), it is important to consider how search engines will be able to get to the content and index that content. This is paramount for sites such as directories, where every bit of rank can improve business.

Right Sizing

KMG knows that starting from scratch to build custom software may not be the best option for some businesses. We have knowledge on a wide range of platforms that can be recommended and paired with custom software when necessary, this strategy can provide a robust and affordable solution.