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About This Project

Merry Pets has a scheduling process that is time intensive – it previously involved an iterative process on paper which was difficult to organize and share with other staff. They needed an app to organize their data and manage the process of scheduling.


KMG built a custom application that allows Merry Pets to manage the iterative process of schedule creation. TheĀ end user details for address, pets and schedule requirements are entered into the application. Staff members location and schedule requirements are entered as well. A Merry Pets admin can then utilize the data to examine optimal routes for client pet pickups. Upon selection of client pets, the application allows the admin to calculate a route and time requirements for pickup.


The application utilizes Google Maps geocoding/routing algorithms to calculate most efficient routes ( from the staff location to each pet location, then to the final destination where the pets will be walked ). After the schedule is saved, applicable staff can view their schedule and get directions to each of the client pets on the schedule in the order of the most efficient route.