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In a nutshell Рcustom software solutions to allow companies to be more efficient
In more detail
Web Applications

Web applications offer a more uniform way for your company to access their information. Any commodity internet device now becomes a work station. Simplify management of individual workstations and accessibility of your data on the go.

Custom Software

There isn't an off the shelf solution for every company. Not every company operates the same way. Custom software fits like a custom tailored suit - don't be restricted by your software.

Website Design

In this day and age, a strong web presence is not negotiable. In order to build confidence among your customers, you need a professional appearance online.


Many companies have a difficult time navigating the breadth of available solutions online. KMG can help you navigate these waters. We have expertise in hundreds of available services. Let us help find or architect a solution appropriate for your company.


We understand you may have systems in place internally or through other services online. Many services can be integrated into your website / web application in order to leverage your existing data and functionality. We have integrated hundreds of different services over the years and have a clear understanding of the steps needed to integrate varying systems.

Mobile Applications

Everyone is on the go - having access to your data from your phone while out of the office has become increasingly important. A responsive web application can provide you access to your software on both mobile screens and larger screens. Depending on your needs, a native mobile application may be most appropriate.


You've had that experience - feeling lost in an interface, unsure of how to continue. Having great user interface / experience is important for your company to be able to capitalize on the investment into a website and/or a web application.


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